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Isaac Newton is famous as Physicist, Mathematician, Astronomer,nationality is British,birthdate is January 4, 1643,Born in Woolsthorpe Manor, United Kingdom,Died on March 31, 1727,Death in Kensington.Died Age is 84.

the constellation of Isaac Newton is Capricorn,had the disease of Depression, Stammered / Stuttered,Great invention of Reflecting Telescope was discovered by Isaac Newton,

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Trinity College, Cambridge (1668), Trinity College, Cambridge (1661 – 1665), The King's School, Grantham (1661)

Isaac Newton Profile/Facts
Date of Birth :
January 4, 1643
Born in :
Woolsthorpe Manor, United Kingdom
Famous as :
Physicist, Mathematician, Astronomer
Nationality :
Died Age :
constellation :
Father :
Isaac Newton Sr.
Mother :
Hannah Ayscough
Died Date :
March 31, 1727
Place of Death :
Discovery :
Reflecting Telescope
Personality :
Sickness :
Depression, Stammered / Stuttered
Married :